Need a change? It’s not so difficult…

Tech diving hovering sidemount decompression

The World needs more Dive Professionals! Covid-19 has been tough on a lot of people, but people in the tourism industry were hit really very hard by the Pandemic.

With border closures, travel bans and a fear of people from other places gripping the world, a lot of divers have decided to pack it in and get a “normal job”. More fool them.

With the end in sight, vaccines being distributed and people travelling again, the Diving Industry is currently desperate for divers.

Check out this classified section of Dive Centres looking for PADI instructors currently. New posts are being added daily and there are a large portion of them available here in Greece.

Now is the perfect time to break the rut you may be in and teach the world to dive. I know for myself, when living in the UK, I found myself looking for something more (mostly Sun to be honest). Teaching diving was the opportunity I needed, to travel the world, meet new people and cultures and do a job with a physically/mentally demanding/rewarding aspect to it.

We are very lucky in our first year of opening, to have a good friend of mine join us. He is a PADI Course Director and TecDive instructor with a lifetime of experience under his belt. He will be offering this year an opportunity to develop your skills as an instructor and push yourselves in ways you never thought possible. So regardless of experience level, if you want to spend the day teaching people to dive in the beautiful blue Mediterranean and celebrate another successful day of work with a beer on a beach. Diving might just be for you. If you might be interested in changing career, travelling the world for work or just get out of the same old routine back home, send us a message and we’ll give you the “gods honest truth” about what you can expect from a career as a PADI Pro.

No pressure except the pressure underwater.


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