Turtles. Turtles everywhere.

Turtle Beach

So this is exciting. Really, really exciting.
We now have a local dive site where we can regularly see Loggerhead turtles. How amazing is that?


There are of course good times and bad times of the year to see these wonderful creatures. Unfortunately the chances are a little lower in the peak of high season (July and August), but almost guaranteed during the months of September and viewable year round.
Here’s a link for those interested in learning more about Sea Turtles in Greece and the efforts of the WWF working to protect them.

Check out the footage one of our divers took at our very own Turtle beach.

Loggerhead turtles spotted regularly on Symi!

The amazing thing about this site is that its lovely and shallow, calm conditions and has some wonderful rock features to swim through. Side note, divers call these “swim throughs”, we’re not an imaginative bunch to be honest.

For the more experienced divers, “Swim-throughs”

This makes this site an amazing location for experienced divers and beginners alike. How amazing would it be to have a chance to see turtles on your first dives!

Let me know what you guys think to this news.

If your interested, feel free to get in touch with us for more details. Here

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