What to expect from our second year?

We love our divers,
Its because of all of you that we made a small dream a reality.

This year, we are hoping for a nice hot summer with lots of sun, warm water and some fantastic dives. Let’s be honest though, that’s every summer on Symi since time began. So in addition, to make this summer that much more special, we’ve planned some things in addition from last year.

Firstly, we now have our own dive boat.
This is a huge investment for us, but also such a crucial one. We now have the ability to explore more and more sites around this beautiful island that we all love.
This spring, we will be looking to discover a brand new ship wreck that we suspect is off the coast of Symi, map some cavern dives off the west coast and see if we can’t find some more of those amazing wall dive sites we all crave for when diving.

Second, we will also be taking on new staff this year including some Dive Master Trainees learning to become professional divers and another experienced instructor.

Thirdly we have 2 LARGE projects in the works for the diving community. These are in progress and have the potential to put Symi on the Map as a tourist landmark around the world. The long term aim of the dive centre has always been to help Symi develop and to support the locals with whom we are sure we are not alone in considering one big family.

This coming year is shaping up to be a great year for Symi. I hope we will see a lot of you this summer around the island or under the water! Thank you for your continued support!

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