Diving Underway!

PADI Dive Master guiding on surface

Well the weathers warming up and we’ve already got some dives under our belts here Blue Lagoon Divers in Symi. Our doors are officially open so why not pop in and have a chat with us, or get your courses booked in, in advance of your holiday and get the theory work done at home before you arrive.

Many of you will remember Nana, who is back with us for another season of Guiding and Teaching. We also have our new instructor Antonio who is currently learning all the best places to find marine life around Symi, ready to show you all as you arrive this summer.

You might also find during the summer, my lovely wife (also a dive instructor and very camera shy) in the dive centre chatting away with the newest addition to the diving community in her arms.

Regardless of who you find around the island, teaching or helping the locals with their anchors, we’re all eager to welcome you back into the fold.

Lets get back in there!

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