Where is Symi island located?

Symi is a small island in south Aegean located close to other Greek islands like Rhodes and Kos, but also very close to Turkey.

The South Aegean Islands

How to get to Symi

Symi is only about 65.75 km² with most of the landmass taken up by either mountains or beaches. Due to this reason, there is no airport on Symi. The best way to access the island is with ferries from either Rhodes or Kos.

The options for travel are with the Sebeco, the Dodecanese seaways, the Blue Star ferries, and the SAOS ferries.

We recommend visiting the island for at least 2/3 days for the best experience possible. Things like the quaint coffee shops in the village with the old men playing board games, the views from the churches on the hills, the stunning architecture of the village and the small maze-like side streets of the old town, olive groves, wine presses, donkey roads stretching across the island, old castles, beautiful hikes and the views of the blue lagoon are what we get our name from. This will all be missed visiting the island just for one day. On top of this, you won’t get a chance to explore the breathtaking underwater scenarios of Symi thanks to our scuba diving service!

Symi also has two very nice marinas (one located in the main harbor and one at Pedi) for visiting yachts and small boats.

The closest airport to Symi is Rhodes International Airport. From there, regular buses or taxis can bring you to the main harbor for a ferry to Symi.

Staying on Symi

Symi has four main tour operators. Each tour operator will be able to help you organize your holiday on Symi, from accommodation to daily excursions and boat tickets. These are listed below:

Symi Tours:
Lakis Travel:
Kaladoukas Holidays:
Panormitis Travel:

Accommodation options in Symi are vast. Generally, everything on the island sticks to the same aesthetic, and so even the biggest hotels seem like villa complexes. This is part of the charm that makes Fascinating. What you choose should really depend on how close to the main hub you’d like to be. Some really nice options in the main part of Symi are:

The Old Markets: A beautifully renovated Boutique hotel that has been mentioned in more newspapers and received more awards than I can count. The reviews speak for themselves.

The Opera House: A family-run apartment complex run by the loveliest people on Symi. The Symi Opera House is a little tucked away at the back of the harbor making it quiet and relaxing.

The Albatros: If the center of town is what you want, you can’t get more central than this. The Albatros is a lovely family-run place, with loads of traditional charm.

The Nireus Hotel: The Nireus sits off to the side of the harbor, a few minutes walk to the closest beach, and with sea views through an amazing spot for your stay!

Some really nice options outside of the main harbor are:

Asymi: Asymi offers some unique beachfront apartments, 3 minutes walk from the local marina.

Taxiarchis Studio Appartments: These traditional apartments are set right into the mountain overlooking the stunning Pedi Bay, and 5 minutes from the village bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Emporio: Beautiful Boutique rooms that are as lovely as the view overlooking the Nimborio bay they sit above. Best of all, it’s only a minute walk from our training dive site location.

Of course, there are many more villas and hotels on the island, and the above tour operators can help you with all the details finding the best place for you.

Do you do transfers?

We do! We can provide pick-ups and drop-offs free of charge to all the main hotels on the island or to any of the local bus stops (and probably to most accommodation as long as we can drive to it). To arrange pick-ups, please contact us at the time of your booking, so we can fit it into our diving schedule.

Do I need permission from my doctor to practice scuba diving?

All divers, as soon as they arrive at the dive school, need to fill out a Medical Form, answering with a “YES” or a “NO” about their health condition. We are diving for fun, so we do not see the reason for anyone to take any unnecessary risks!

In case of any permanent medical condition, steady medication, long-term health issue (like asthma, ear problem, heart condition, mental situation, mobility problems after an operation, past case of Covid-19, etc.) or in case of recent operation or hospitalization, a doctor’s permission is required to participate in any diving activity.

We reserve the right to refuse diving with anyone that will have a “YES” on his medical form, without the required permission.

How long does the immersion last?

Our schedule is built entirely around your schedule. Each diver or couple gets a private group, and so the length depends on what you want to do and when!

Do you provide refreshments?

We will always provide water or other drinks to our divers to keep them hydrated. Snacks may be provided depending on the length of the course or trip, but are provided more often than not. People can’t dive on an empty stomach after all.

Payment methods?

We take payment via PayPal, credit or debit card, or cash.

When can I start diving in the sea?

According to diving rules, the 1st dive of a non-certified diver (try dive or DSD) has to take place in confined safe water. We use any of the local bays or beaches to conduct the DSD (try dive) in the very shallow areas. Your first experience will be to minimize any risks and give you the time you need to adapt your body to underwater conditions. ​

In your first dive, you will not exceed 12m depth (although we normally stick around 5-10m), and at the beginning of your dive, you will repeat 3 safety skills to make sure that you will safely enjoy your 2nd dive without interruptions!

Is diving dangerous?

If you’re thinking about animals like sharks and jellyfish, there isn’t any dangerous fauna below the surface! If you do chase or touch them, however, some animals may have painful spines. The only danger can occur from health problems you neglect to tell us about or not following proper instructions by our experienced staff.

​Our small/private groups ensure safety by allowing our instructors to be focused on only a few people at a time. Safety is always our primary focus, and so we can honestly affirm that diving with us is not a dangerous activity.

Where will I be scuba diving?

We can take you to many places during your courses or trips with us. We build our schedule around your preference, and will help you to pick the sites you would appreciate the most. Some diving sites are however reserved for more advanced divers, but you will be informed of this when booking.

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