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Established in 2020, our shop sits at the top of the Kali Strata, on Symi island, and it’s very easy to find. In the shop, you will find all the usual amenities, such as quiet spaces for study, clean toilets, and hot or cold drinks. If you struggle to find us, as the only dive shop on the island, feel free to ask any of the restaurants, coffee shops, or locals for directions. Alternatively, you can find our contact details here.

Symi island is located at the heart of the Mediterranean, just one hour away from Rhodes and Kos by ferry. It boasts beautiful views of Turkey from across the beaches and is surrounded by crystal-clear warm water. The island itself was built around a diving culture, and today, Symi is considered a cultural heritage site, which means that we have to do our best to limit the impact we have on the local environment.

The waters around Symi island propose jaw-dropping hidden gems, and diving here offers the opportunity to meet some of the local fauna that ranges from huge schools of fish and octopi to turtles and seals.

To assist the marine environment, we regularly perform beach and dive site clean-ups, so, if you’re a certified diver and willing to help, why not participate in exchange for a free dive?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you come to Symi, try it out. It’s an amazing experience, and believe it or not, its not expensive. You only live once, go for it.

Neil Gosling

Our Staff

Although the scuba diving group is newly established on the island, our staff is extremely competent and experienced. Having deep knowledge of marine life and environments means that we can pass on the lessons we learned to you, helping you become a professional diver too!

Each member of Blue Lagoon Divers is highly trained to ensure the best quality of teaching techniques and abilities, and we’re 100% dedicated to your safety while offering you a unique scuba diving experience.

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