Why dive on Symi?

So I thought I might do the first blog post on just why I think everyone will enjoy diving with us on Symi.

To those of you that don’t know me well, my name is Will (or Vasilis or Billy or Anglos depending on who you are). I was born on the island of Symi (a small island a few miles from Rhodes in the Dodecanese), but raised in the UK. I Grew up visiting Symi every summer to visit family that live on the island. Eventually, after picking Diving as my career and getting to work all around the world (the warmer the location the better, am I right?), Symi would be the place I would come home to at the end of each contract.

Looking back on my career up to this point, I feel I’m in a position now to give my two cents on what makes a great diving location.


Ok, I’m joking… It’s fun to dive with sharks don’t get me wrong and to that end, its fun to dive with any rare and interesting creature that few people on the planet get to say they’ve met. I’ve seen some amazing creatures do some amazing things. Like the time I saw sharks mating or rescued a turtle or danced with a cuttlefish. I’m not going to list everything off, come talk to me in person and I’ll gladly have a beer/coffee with you and chat about my stories of the ocean. Experiences like that are great and they’ll stay in my memories, but their not my best times in diving.

For me, on a personal level, the best times I had diving came from when I found divers I felt at home with (even on the other side of the planet). That’s what I want to offer to you all. A place where even if you’ve never met us, you can come in and have a chat about anything and everything. We’ll give you the best advice we can based on our honest experience and we’ll strive to always do right by our fellow divers. We want YOU to have fun.

Sure, we have almost too many wrecks to count waiting to be discovered (the refugee crisis was very tough on the Greek islands, but that’s a story for another day).

Yes, we have a pod of dolphins that live in the area.

Certainly, we have an abundance of rays, fish, octopus and morays (all of which are very safe I may add).

Indeed, we have some spectacularly well lit cave systems to explore (experienced divers only).

And of course the water here is crystal clear like a swimming pool to the point it feels more like flying than swimming.

But its the community we want to build with you all that makes us hope we’ll see you all year after year and help you all grow your knowledge and experience as divers.

If this combined with a picturesque location full of great food and amazing beaches are something you might be interested in, then Symi might be the next holiday location for you to visit.

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