Turtles. Turtles everywhere.

So this is exciting. Really, really exciting.We now have a local dive site where we can regularly see Loggerhead turtles. How amazing is that? There are of course good times and bad times of the year to see these wonderful creatures. Unfortunately the chances are a little lower in the peak of high season (JulyContinue reading “Turtles. Turtles everywhere.”

The Seasons over.

I’d like to start this post with a heartfelt thank you to all our divers from both near and far who came to us with an interest in diving with us on Symi. You’ve kept our little dive center open and we are grateful. I’m sure many of you know, its been a big yearContinue reading “The Seasons over.”

Need a change? It’s not so difficult…

The World needs more Dive Professionals! Covid-19 has been tough on a lot of people, but people in the tourism industry were hit really very hard by the Pandemic. With border closures, travel bans and a fear of people from other places gripping the world, a lot of divers have decided to pack it inContinue reading “Need a change? It’s not so difficult…”

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